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It's the year 3092 and a small minority of the Earth's population have immigrated to the red planet.
There's still alot of building and communising to be done until Mars is just as comfortable of a place to live as Earth once was.

They're in desperate need of an entertainment venue, so they've started building a theme park. Sadly, all of Earth's theme parks were wiped out by the global warming fiasco, so they have no idea what they're doing!

Maybe you could show them how it's done, and make an amazing theme park that will keep the entire population happy?

Good luck!

(My third scenario download ever, please rate and comment fairly :) Xx)

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Feb 11, 2012




I've downloaded this map and where I have to put it? scenarios, parks, or start new scenarios,. please answer


Sorry i've only just seen this haha. I always put the ones I download into the scenarios folder :) Xx