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We just got back on our Magic Quarters and thought it needed some more rides and such which came from two inspirations, a CCI Out and Back Wooden Coaster which is inspired by Michigan's Adventure Shivering Timbers which turns a bit cause of small map sort of but turned out okay and has a horse trail next by, and then a Gravity Group Timberline Coaster a longer Storyland's Roar O Saurus and a small family coaster at the front of park next to mountain waterslide that is inspired by New Hemisphere's Storyland Polar Coaster a Family Coaster which ours is longer and has Southwest Theme to it, and two custom ideas a Hopkins Triple Looping Coaster as Lasso Themed Ride, and at the corner end a custom cedar tree themed water slide, as now Magic Quarters Theme Park has all kinds of all family and friends of all ages!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jul 7, 2024