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A fantastic coaster originally designed and created by Schwarzkopf.
One of my all time favorates, I set about recreating it in RTC3, It is nearly exsact to specfication but some track parks (mainly banked curves) I could not achive smoothly as RTC3 is quite limited in its angles for track position.
Anyhow enough of me blabbering check out the pics and enjoy! :)

Excitement Rating: 6.42
Intensity Rating: 5.46
Nausea Rating: 2.53
Number of Inversions: 3

Heres a link for some real life pictures and stats for the coaster.

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 377.28 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 3, 2011




this used to be at flamingoland! but someone died on it so it got demolished and moved to mexico :P


no-one was killed, an engineer decided to jump across the track and got hit by a train, injured but not killed. got dismantled in 2005 due to high matinence costs, got a refurbishment and opened in mexico for the 2007 season :)


actually it was someone retreiving a hat and he did die unforunately according to Gordan Gibbs! (manager of Flamingoland)


Really nice. I love the detail. :D


Christ, I knew an engineer got hit but never knew someone died! yes lets try and retrieve my hat while this coaster train is doing around 60mph towards me, I dunno what he must have been thinking.

and thanks coasteriffic, I was surprised my first submission did so well!


So... What about CS


Rocket99'sB&M Addon
Coasterfreak-Station Platform
ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set
Moby's Steel Jungle v1
That should be all of it.


I would think that with all the accidents related to people going into restricted areas to get hats thay it would be common sense by now. Great coaster.


Great coaster, looks just like the original.


I am looking for this CS set Rocket99'sB&M Addon and do you know where i can find it from please, also amazing coaster byway :)


I like it.


Where do you place the file(s)?


Its Need Big Loop On The Number 2
2 Loops On The Number 3