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Video link: http://youtu.be/iU1nCu5PpuE

This has an extreme forward ride with a more gentle reverse ride. It uses the Extended coaster that comes with RCT3 Wild.

Type: Extended

Size: 28 x 13

Excitement Rating: 8.09 (Very High)

Intensity Rating: 8.40 (Very High)

Nausea Rating: 3.87 (Medium)

Length: 4,842.84 ft.

Ride Time: 1:12

Air Time: 0:10

Launch Speed: 59.28 mph

Max. Speed: 82.13 mph

Average Speed: 45.79 mph

Max. + Vert. G's: 7.15 g

Max. - Vert. G's: -2.51 g

Max. Lat. G's: 3.65 g

Drops: 17

Highest Drop: 168.43 ft.

Inversions: 13

CS used:

Moby's Steel Jungle V1 & v2
Weber's Aged Footers
CoasterJoe's B&M Connectors
Vodhin's Light Kit
Goodies for Coasters set.(Support Killer)

Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster
File Size 104.62 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 25, 2013


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Man, this is cool!!!