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this is my Re-Creation from "Mammut" @ Gardaland, Veneto, Italy!

Mammut or "Mammoth" is an "Snow/Ice" Themed Vekoma Mine Train Coaster.
Most Mine Train Coasters have more than one Lifthills, Mammut has three of them.
Different to the original one are that the RCT-1 Version has only 2-Trains with 6 Cars, the original one has 3-Trains with 6-Cars each. That could be a little Waitingtime Problem ;).

But i'm proud of it, it costs me hours of hours of work, demolish, rebuild. Because the Layout are so compact and that was a real challenge. The other Challenge was the Scenary with this Mountains, Canyons around and in the Track.

I hope you enjoy/like my attempt. Feedback would be nice ;).

Ratings (without Scenary):

Excitement: 6.19 (high)
Intensity: 7.84 (very high)
Nausea: 5.13 (high)

Importent-Note: All my Creations are build without any Trainers and/or Hacks!

Have Fun with it! ;)

Greetz Chelest

Section Tracks
Type Mine Train Coaster with Minetrains
File Size 1.49 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 1, 2014
Liked by Cheleste, Cobra




Nice how long did it take you? I thought you were making Black Mamba.


Let me think, i would say one week of work, with 1-2 hours each day.
Black Mamba or "Deep in Africa" is my upcoming project thats right and i working every day on this, but i have older projects from 2013 that are finished to 80-90% and this was one of theme.

So don't worry, Black Mamba is coming and hopefully for an "build it" entry!

Lg Cheleste