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What's crazier then putting a loop on a wooden roller coaster? ...putting four loops on a wooden roller coaster! Man Of Wood is themed like a Superman ride, but since it isn't a steel coaster I just didn't feel right naming it "Man of Steel". This compact coaster is 1,800ft and capable of running three full length trains pumping through roughly 3,000 customers an hour, at just a cost of around 11,300 dollars. Themes used are Space, Abstract, Mechanical and standard scenery. The intensity is very high, and nausea is more than I wanted... but with a First Aid Room, a handyman, and a few buckets, it should be manageable.

Excitement - 7.31
Intensity - 8.92
Nausea - 5.13

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 8.05 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 13, 2018