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My latest RCT3 project:
Manta is a B&M Twister that features 7 inversions and beautiful beachfront views. It features: a vertical loop, cobra roll, heart-loop, and two corkscrews.

POV Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKB9XEww7Fc

In-Game Stats:
Excitement rating:16.70 (Extreme) - Due to the CTR
Intensity rating: 5.74 (High)
Nausea rating: 3.45 (Medium)
Max speed: 57.47MPH
Average speed: 23.03MPH
Ride time: 1:12
Ride length: 2453.72ft

CS and CTR in video (Not all CS is listed as I cannot remember the names! I'll eventually release a list of all of it to both my YouTube and profile)

Section Tracks
Type B&M Twister
File Size 7.19 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 23, 2015




Wow! 3 wins in a row! You're really good at building coasters! xP


Thanks man! Honestly though if I were matched against people like Silvarret or MrNozem I probably wouldn't win lol


Don't forget about Wilhelm! Great 3 wins bro!