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Despite having been built 15 millennia earlier and abandoned barely a few years after, the first laboratory ever built on Mars by NASA scientists back in 2XXX was still standing and in surprisingly good condition when we came across their neighboring planet. Those humans sure knew how to build interesting structures from useless scrap metal, didn't they? So to celebrate Intergalactic Humans' Day last month, we decided to honor their legacy by turning the old hunk of scrap into something we once observed them doing - going for rides in a big cabin that moved along strands of metal fused together. To this day, we are still trying to figure out how they managed to build a thing like that WITHOUT a bottomless supply of Biocquadium-738 at their disposal. Maybe humans did have some secret techniques up their sleeves after all. Shame they all blew themselves up before we could find out.

Excitement: 7.56
Intensity: 8.21
Nausea: 6.28

Section Tracks
Type Lay-Down Roller Coaster
File Size 12.95 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 29, 2016
Liked by 19_09, SamDogy