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On the outskirts of a medieval castle in a pine forest rests the mega-coaster, Medieval Monster. This behemoth towers 230 feet in the air, and catapults riders to a max speed of 82 mph into copious amounts of float hills. During the 2 minute ride, the train will traverse 5,696 ft of twisted steel track, that provides riders with over 30 seconds of weightlessness. This air time machine will give riders the thrills of their lives.

Pov, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=froRuEiIAOY

Excitement 7.42 High
Intensity 5.75 High
Nausea 2.66 Medium

Section Tracks
Type HyperTwist Coaster
File Size 352.16 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 9, 2013
Liked by Aruby70, partyman, SamDogy




good ride dose it save in my rct3 game and can i use it on my park. Is it good for people to go no. DO PEOPLE GO ON THE RIDE?


Yes, people will ride this coaster.