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While trying to build a medival theme park I found one important thing missing. Jousting was a very popular sport in those times pitting the knights of one castle against the knights of another. So I decided to build one myself. The only one I had to go by was in one of my favorite movies, "A Knights Tale". This is not an exact replica but as close as I could get. I had to cheat a little on the stadium using NYR's stadium seating. A lot of CSO's were used and a listing follows. Ralfveih's medieval things, Station Jimmy's castle things 1 &2, Lassoares Medieval 1 and 2 as well as Lassoares Medieval conquest , black smith, Archery training house, Tents, and stables. dk medieval theme,delhold castle, delhold castle re, delhold castle re new stuff, If I've missed any, I humbly apologize. Please enjoy and comments are welcome.

Section Structures
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Date Uploaded Jan 21, 2019