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Hello all,

after looking of some of my 2014 Projects, i thought thats time to invest more time in older Projects, and well "Medusa" was one of my disapointed works in theming. So i decided to take some time and try to make it better and that's what came out.

I think it looks better than my empty older Version and i hope you think the same.

I hope you enjoy/like my attempt. Feedback would be nice ;).

Ratings (without Scenary):

Excitement: 7.10 (high)
Intensity: 8.70 (very high)
Nausea: 4.50 (medium)

Importent-Note: All my Creations are build without any Trainers and/or Hacks!

Have Fun with it! ;)

Lg Cheleste

Section Tracks
Type Steel-Twister-Coaster with Floorless Train
File Size 925.61 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 4, 2014
Liked by Cheleste, Cobra




It's called "Bizarro" not Medusa.


Well, i think you are way to young to know the original, because Medusa the first B&M Floorless was build in 1999, and well, how old are you in this year, right: 5 years.

The change to "Bizarro" comes in 2009, but if you had read the discription of my old version, you'd know why im build this and not "Bizarro".

Ok, you want Bizarro? -> change the colours like this:

Supports: Dark Blue
Track: Violett
Rails: bright violett
Trains: Dark Violett
Seats: yellow

Tada, you have Bizarro ;)

Lg Cheleste