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Hi everybody,

Here's my Recreation of "Medusa" @ Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey for RCT-1.
Yeah i know that Medusa was renamed in 2009 to "Bizarro". So if you want "Bizarro" change the Colours ;).
So why i recreate Medusa? Well first, i love the old Colour-Combo, this Lime-Green with Violett ;),
and second, the Theming from Bizarro is not really possible to build in RCT1 (no machine theme).
If someone make a Bizarro-Version, feel free to use my Version as Base!

I think my Layout is much more accurate to the real track, as the RCT-2 original "Medusa".
But still not perfect, because perfect recreations are not possible, especially in RCT-1.

I hope you enjoy/like my attempt. Feedback would be nice ;).

Ratings (without Scenary):

Excitement: 7.10 (high)
Intensity: 8.70 (very high)
Nausea: 4.50 (medium)

Importent-Note: All my Creations are build without any Trainers and/or Hacks!

Have Fun with it! ;)

Greetz Cheleste

Section Tracks
Type Steel-Twister-Coaster with Floorless Train
File Size 562.04 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 14, 2013
Liked by Cheleste, Cobra