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a BIGGER, LONGER,laggyer,and BETTER peep slide! this one has a big jump in it! as seen in the pictures.

remember to name a peep atomic
this time i recomend u dont test all at same time cause i think that causes all the peeps to fly over the slide.

WARNING!!! this thing will lag, a lot! so set your graphix setting to a lower setting; ther are twice as many peeps on this slide then the last one! u can delete the water bodies if u dont like em.

have fun!(even tho the peeps wont)

i almost forgot! teh peeps are dieing of starvation, so...yea.

Section Parks
File Size 4.08 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 3, 2011
Liked by KingMojoe, KingMojoe




Awesome! how do you make a peep slide?


Yeah how do you??