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NOTE: OpenRCT2 (at least v0.3.5.1) is required for this download to work.

The final scenario in the Sidewinder Symphony scenario pack (as well as the final boss scenario), and the more difficult sequel to Megaworld Park from Loopy Landscapes, you must save this now-failing park quickly as it has so many problems, from litter to vandalism and lack of staff, lots of old rides (some of which are prone to crashing from a breakdown), confusing path layouts with so many dead ends, etc.! Thankfully, like with the original, you don't have to worry about money whatsoever, but the park rating is a major concern as it is likely you might not get it above 700 from the initial 559 within 59 days of starting the scenario considering how much vandalism, litter, and vomit the park has! That is, unless you are fast enough to hire a LOT of handymen and entertainers and fix all of the vandalism, litter, and vomit. If you ask, yes, harder park rating and harder guest generation are on, so keep that in mind as you clean up the park and get yourself ready to complete the scenario. If you're fast enough, you can complete this scenario before the end of Year 3.

Objective: To have at least 4,000 guests in your park. You must not let the park rating drop below 700 at any time!

Good luck and enjoy!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jan 14, 2022