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This entry relies on custom scenery objects.

This Build It! entry was made in OpenRCT2 ver. 0.1.1-build c87a0e5. It is confirmed to NOT work on vanilla Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Apologies for any inconvenience that may cause.

"A Junior Coaster perched in the heart of Sherbywood takes one through a legendary adventure, traversing the re-created grandiose journey of ancient local legend Merlin whose tales are known all too well by the people of Sherbywood.

The legend tells the tale of one young apprentice who embarked on a mission to retrieve an artifact direly needed by his village. Not knowing where it was, nor if it even existed, the fellow young man came back a decade later with the artifact in his possession. It's a tale older than Sherbywood itself, and we here at the Whispering Cliffs Amusement Park, in honour of this legend, hereby announce our next family roller coaster: Merlin's Odyssey!

From an arduous journey up the Whispering Cliffs, one comes crashing down and through the mythical Cave of Myst. In the quest to obtain the Blinding Light of Destiny, one rushes through the lost and forbidden Mines of Malahar at great velocity, exiting their way for a return journey back to the village. However, in this voyage one shall sneak past the Witch of Malice as her wicked shack stands between you and Melchior: guardian and mentor to our young hero Merlin.

Safe travels!"

Section Tracks
Type Junior Coaster
File Size 4.55 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 29, 2017




Immediate feature.