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Mermaids' Island is an Atlantis themed, multi-island park featuring a waterfall, 2 coasters, and some structures. Pookersons Log Ride and Spirit of Atlantis (log ride and junior ride, respectively) draw peeps into the park from one of two entrances. Each entrance features a few generic stalls and some scenery. The park is completely connected via path from one entrance to the other. Meet simple objectives, add a couple coaster objectives, and build a killer pool complex with slides. Screenshots 1-6 feature the park at the scenario beginning. Shots 7-10 are from my playthrough.

Pookersons Log Ride Stats:
E/I/N: 3.85/1.32/0.71
Max Speed: 40.75mph
Ave Speed: 7.69mph
Ride Time: 2:13
Ride Length: 1506.51 ft.
Max positive vertical G's: 2.78g
Max negative vertical G's: -0.64g
Max lateral G's: 0.66g
Total Air Time: 0:49
Drops: 5
Highest Drop Height: 58.22ft
Number of Inversions: 0

Spirit of Atlantis Stats:
E/I/N: 5.11/5.51/3.43
Max Speed: 39.51mph
Ave Speed: 20.36mph
Ride Time: 1:02
Ride Length: 1853.53 ft.
Max positive vertical G's: 2.86g
Max negative vertical G's: -0.94g
Max lateral G's: 1.52g
Total Air Time: 0:10
Drops: 10
Highest Drop Height: 25.77ft
Number of Inversions: 0

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File Size 2.61 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 4, 2011




Looking Great! *Clicks Download*


good scenario thanks