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This is possibly the hardest scenario I ever created.

Scenario Objective: 4400 Guests (1000 more than Quantum's Edge) while not letting the park rating drop below 700.

Consider this the mixture of Quantum's Edge and Eighth Court of Diyu

- Tree Removal Forbidden
- Landscape Change Forbidden
- Rugged Terrain
- Motion Simulator not unlocked until later on
- Guests come in unhappy and hungry
- Very little starting land
- Park Rating Harder to Maintain
- A dangerous 75% interest rate
- Guest Generation less than normal
- 180 Dollars for new land (Twice the amount as Quantum's Edge and One and a Half that of Renaissance Peninsula)
- Unlike Eighth Court of Diyu, Renaissance Peninsula and Quantum's Edge. You cannot actually build underground and make a guest resetter.

- Hot and Dry climate type
- Guests average 125 dollars
- Corkscrew coaster already unlocked

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Date Uploaded May 24, 2021


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Fred 104 4276

I almost read this scenario's title as "Mental Realm".