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Just thought my sister and I would make Metropolis a lot more fun interesting which may not exist in real life but hey it's rct eh!

So my sister and I both together worked on this inspired Orlando Fl cancelled skyscraper polar coaster which turned out okay but pretty messy I know as the Big Texas with red white and blue theming, the observation tower only test runs cause in all my elevator towers guests at the top will get stuck lost and confused which will make the park rating drop only was able to place a few handymen, mechanics gaurds, and entertainers up there to make like guests are walking around in top tower viewing and watching all around!

Then by myself, I built a togo megacoaster inspired by Las Vegas Big Apple Coaster that I used the Standup Coaster track as it was pretty challenging building to get good stats with, but I'm happy how it is as it's named the Texas Blue Sky!

And rest, I added other scenery out side around park to make it more detailed and enjoy, but just like Urban Park, you won't get much sleep at night heh heh heh aaaahhhhhhhhh!

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Date Uploaded Mar 17, 2024