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For the most part, the city had everything it needed: housing, office buildings, a gas station, and several other buildings that serve all kinds of...well, okay, we still haven't found a company that will move into a couple of them, but you get the idea. But there was still one problem: traffic congestion on the roads forced the city council to come up with a plan for public transportation. But with the insane cost of the average railway systems or bus lines these days, it was just completely out of the question to use those. So instead, we hired a roller coaster company to build onne around the city. Now, passengers can just ride the coaster and jump out when they reach their destination. It's been so much more convenient this way. Other cities should take it as a role model. Although I'm not going to pretend there hasn't been a huge spike in fractured fibulae since it came along.

(Side note: this uses scenery from Wacky Worlds.)

Excitement: 6.86
Intensity: 9.85
Nausea: 5.92

Section Tracks
Type LIM-Launched Roller Coaster
File Size 16.37 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 26, 2016
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Skylander Katfish

good job!!