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When I made !Mini Madness in early February, 2022, the (RCT2) Mini Roller Coaster's 4-seat Rocket Cars were available: while that has since changed, !Mini Madness was designed to operate those trains, so,

*NB* In OpenRCT2, not only must the Classic Mini Roller Coaster be available but the player must also enable the 4-seat Rocket Cars of the (RCT2) Mini Roller Coaster.

Do *NOT* add more trains to !Mini Madness: you will glean only pointless-and-annoying start/stop; it runs seamlessly, as is.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots.

Link to !Mini Madness video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Classic Mini Roller Coaster (OpenRCT2 only)
File Size 302 bytes
Date Uploaded Aug 29, 2023