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Located on the Western side of Italy, in Ravenna, the park opened in 1992. It struggled for the first 4 years of operation. A joint venture between a German group and Phantasialand bought the park in 1997 and saw immediate success. The water park, Mirabeach opened in 2006, via a operate admission.

Parque Reunidos bought the park in 2009 and continued to see consistent growth with ISpeed and Divertical, as well as re-themes of Dinoland and Far West Valley.

--Game Version--
The park uses a lot of of diagonal pathways, specifically on the left side of the lake, adjustments were made.
Ducati World will be new for 2019, but little was released about it besides a very general concept art screen, the basic layout was added.
ISpeed uses B&M track. I've found versions of the correct track type, but none of them include inversions.
Divertical uses really fast chain and block brakes, instead of an elevator lift.
Maintenance buildings around the out-skirts of the park weren't added.
No structures for the lake show.

Need items are in the read-me.

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Date Uploaded May 28, 2018




I gave you a request to do Deep River Waterpark which is located in Northwest Indiana!!


After looking at the satellite view of it, I believe you could do that one. It shouldn't take you that long.


I had a request for a 2018 Canada's Wonderland recreation.


Since they are getting a coaster next year, I'll wait for that. Since that was from 2013, I'll probably either start from scratch or edit some areas, considering that I've improved since then. There are some areas that I know have to be edited for sure.


You can edit some areas if you want. :)