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This is the Custom Cedar Fair style, "Mobile Springs" theme park. I chose name after seeing that Alabama had no theme parks. All rides are custom built (Some based after rides from other Cedar Fair parks) and the park has a Custom logo that looks realisitic. ALL CS is included. none of it is mine. The main ride is a twin wooden coaster called, "Twisted Timber"
and it is a huge and fast wooden coaster. This is a HUGE park, any PC will run it but you need a more powerfull one to see it in it's full beauty.

made by CoasterFan110 and the Coaster Fan Company© (CFC©)

Section Parks
File Size 10.55 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 27, 2020




Thanks for downloading this park!


Actually, there is an amusement park located in Alabama called Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure.