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This is a kit of premade hotel rooms intended to help you get the ball rolling when designing a hotel for your park. Feel free to save the rooms as custom structures, paint/customize them, or edit them as you please. I have also included a completed hotel for you to reference or use in your parks as you like. I politely ask that you credit Germie's Coaster Yard if you utilize these structures in any way within/pertaining to a published project.

- When saving custom structures, include the concrete borders in the highlighted area.
- If you want to edit or customize a room, I suggested that you save the existing room as a structure first and place a copy elsewhere in the park for editing/painting.
- The signs next to each structure suggest a name for your custom structure, for organization and ease of use.

See me design the example hotel at the following link:
(Video will be available Friday, December 9th)

- This is a map of premade (non-functioning) hotel rooms, intended for scenery-use only, that must be saved as custom structures on your end. This is not a mod. This is not, nor does it include any form of, custom scenery. This map is completely compatible with vanilla RCT3+Soaked+Wild

Section Structures
File Size 1.95 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 6, 2022




See me design the example hotel at the following link:

Zio Creations

That is a fantastic hotel, you created there. Keep up the good work.