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A battalion of tourists have descended upon your park on the Equator. Now you must provide them enough small rides to satisfy their lust.

Has a monorail around the outside of the park, underground. With 4 stations for even distribution of peeps so they cant get lost.

Has established underground pathing with lamps, trash bins, and benches.

Has many islands with paths to them from underground.

The peeps prefer less intense rides.

Goal is to make ,000 a month from ride tickets.

Hint, use blocking signs to start your park small and grow so you don't go bankrupt.

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Date Uploaded Mar 23, 2019




In rct classic there were no path items. I beat the park anyway by building completely above ground. Thanks for posting 😊


I designed the underground pathing for access to the surface areas. It's not supposed to have underground rides. The peeps like weak rides, so its best to build a log flume by each entrance. It pumps a ride for a log flume. Its better than small rides.