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Mountain Climber - A wicked fast mine train coaster that is biased on a mountainside and it's main element is to have about 43'million 'near miss' elements.

Good luck with not getting your head chopped off, or broken, or torn...or...yeah...it's safe. Totally! Totally safe!.....maybe.


Unfortunately, it is just the track and no scenery whatsoever because of the shear amount of scenery there is.

Also, I do not know how well it will work in RCT2, but it will run fine in OpenRCT2.

River Rapids is not included in this file.

Ratings are in the final screenshot!

Let's have a great round!

Section Tracks
Type Mine Train Coaster
File Size 804 bytes
Date Uploaded Oct 6, 2016


1 comment

Terry Inferno

9.89 for a mine train coaster is very impressive.