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This is a big park, what started from an idea of a giant rollercoaster. Now it's four of them! The park has also got a pool, which is partly inside. There are some flatrides too.

Here are the coasters: Big and bad
Exitement: 9,41 very high
Intesity: 9,17 very high
Nausea: 4,64 medium
Lenght: 12785 feet(3897m)

Exitement: 9,06 very high
Intesity: 8,92 very high
Nausea: 4,44 medium
Lenght: 10846 feet(3306m)

Exitement: 8,89 very high
Intesity: 9,79 very high
Nausea: 6,70 high
Lenght: 6564 feet(2001m)

Exitement: 8,58 very high
Intesity: 9,39 very high
Nausea: 8,52 very high
Lenght: 8129 feet(2478m)

Please load, rate and comment, and of course, have fun!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Nov 13, 2010


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That indoor pool is wimpy. You should know that, because I'm the indoor pool Mr. King here.