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Rides list
Mobys steel jungle v1
GiantFrisbee CFR
EP Ballonfahhrt
DasMatzes wooden Coaster
B&M Floorless Sitdown CTR
JFMilFlyer CTR
Rush SS Swing CFR
B&M hyper CTR
Intamin Blitz CTR
Spices dive coaster CTR

Custom Scenery List
Xtians fantasyland 2
Around transportation
A2 custom vendors
Osudenny 2011 fountain set
Maddox 61s street set
Griffin B&M dive coaster catwalks
BIG Trees
Alpine Village Set 1-6

All of those you can find in www.customscenerydepot.com!!

Section Parks
File Size 10.33 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 25, 2020
Liked by Rct3user20




can you be more specific as to "Around transportation" and "Twisterinner Building". EDIT" I found the Twistrinner Building" but still have no idea what you mean by "Around transportation".


also i forgot you need Universal Studios set pieces and facades. also in custom scenery depot