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Section Custom Scenery
File Size 779.49 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 27, 2013




when i try to open it in the game, it freezes and it says a message saying "no :svd for :sid" or something thike that, and it does that with every CS i download


When you download, are you just throwing in the whole file? Open the file and make sure you aren't putting the READ ME and the common. and unique. Just the file itself


So In the case of this one, click download. Once you see the file, Drag it to your Desktop. Open the file..... Inside you should see a file for Doors and aa file for README. Drag the Doors File out of the original file to the DESKTOP. Use this file now to put it where it should go now.


it should be under ride events


please help! when i start a new custom scenario and i build a roller coaster i put the door down then the game just stops and a message just pops up saying rct3 stopped


check youtube: beat the no :svd for :sid on rct3.
That is you have to do!

Blue Saint

I did everything perfectly, but the game still crashed =(


Nice doors... But: Sometimes, it works, other times it hurts (crash-down).

daniel ruda

Which folder put it


not good


it crashes every time🤬😡