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PLEASE WATCH THE POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNBOROw5k0Y

The Mustang is a wild RMC that does not have a great height, but it uses the terrain to its advantage. Going around lakes, and over hills this horse gives a wild experience. The g forces on this coaster are intense, just like every other RMC coaster. You may notice that the station is themed to a horse stable, and the queue line even goes through it. Inside the stable there are two iron horses (get it? :P). Riders go on a beautiful black train as they ride on the red RMC track. The ride is themed to a small western town, with minimal houses and a saloon. I made sure that the whole area is surrounded with terrain and trees, which I think turned out very nicely.

All of the scenery was made with SketchUp and is mine, except for the horses, which I cannot find who made them.

I hope you enjoy. This took weeks to make, and I feel that it is one of my best coasters.

Section Tracks
Type RMC Hybrid Coaster
File Size 4.92 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 20, 2016


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Is this Planet coaster?