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Welcome to Horizon Island, where storms rage and Myst, the island's Mack Launch Coaster, surges through the storm. When you board the first thing you notice is that you will be going straight through the island itself, and right out the top! Then, you plummet over a 300 ft. inverting drop which will leave you wondering where you dropped your stomach. After this nose dive, you gracefully enter a blitzkrieg of inversions and airtime which give you one thing to do: scream. You then plow through the island in a giant heartline roll, which plops you on the opposite side of the island in a matter of seconds! You are then treated to a series of bunny hops which land you in the grip of the brake run.

POV: https://youtu.be/5bltHb8y8xk

Section Tracks
Type Mack Launch Coaster
File Size 48.12 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 20, 2015