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One of the biggest and best roller coasters I've ever built in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. I hope you like it!

This design is very particular because of the launched lift hill that propels the trains to a first serie of loops before falling down at a maximum speed of 111 km/h. The trains also go through many big hills and a total of 6 inversions to give guests a very big dose of adrenaline.

Furthermore, I wanted to give my roller coaster a rustic style, including a giant brick station, wooden structures, abundant vegetation and a few ruins around it. Also, the scenery is so massive that it was impossible to save it entirely, so I only share the park.

For this roller coaster, I used a few cheats to place some scenery objects in unusual positions and at spots we can't usually place them, such as very close under diagonal hills. However, this does not affect the save file at all.

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Let's have a great Build It! competition round 232! :D

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Date Uploaded Apr 12, 2016


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The Surge 34

Nice Work!!!