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This is my best recreation of Nemesis Inferno. It features 1 loop, 1 0-G roll, and 2 interlocking corkscrews. From that point, it goes 50 mph after a 100 ft. drop, with your legs dangling! It has much scenery, and it also has a unique start. Enjoy your ride on Nemesis Inferno!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pufGJWj8PVo

Section Tracks
Type B&M Second Gen. Invert
File Size 7.81 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 8, 2014




Yeah, nice win!!! I almost voted for El Dorado, but then you stole my vote right away from it.


Thanks guys! It feels great to win! :D


I liked the over-all design of the ride. Detail was incredible. :) Congrats.

KoasterKing 205

That was me who created this ride! Not him! He's pretending to be me on this website! I'm the true creator of this recreation!


how do u use it in RCT3


What CS is needed? I can see supports, but what kind, and would there be anything else?

KoasterKing 205

My creation.


Koaster King u need to stop copying and replicating off KoasterKing 205 cuz these are his coasters he put alot of work into these coasters but u (KoasterKing) not KoasterKing 205 u just copy Koasterkings 205 rides and post them up so u can get credit and he doesn't u need to stop!!! Make ur own rides!!!


Hi, i noticed this was a .dat and i dont know how to use it and what is best to use to read a .dat?