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I've always imagined the glass scenery in RCT2 to feel like a bunch of fluorescent lights that give off a bit of a black light effect when you mix black with bright colors. Neonopolis is a novelty park that attempts to make a whole park out of just that.

Rides include:
*Cosmic Laser - a custom double looping wooden coaster. The loops may detract from the realism, but the peeps love it.

*Electron Splash - a splash boat ride with the water black lit to give it a bright green color and surrounded by blocks with pink lighting around them.

*Elevctro-Beast - a monster ride thing

*Ion - an invert with 6 inversions surrounded by green lights

*Lightning Maze - a maze with yellow lighting surrounding it

*Neon Golf - a mini golf track surrounded by red lights

*Particle Speedway - a go-kart track with fluorescent blue lights all over it.

*Proton Spinner - a scrambler - is there anything else to say?

This does use extra scenery and the expansion packs, but the former should automatically be installed when you download it. I can upload files for the individual tracks that don't use either if you'd like.

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Date Uploaded Aug 8, 2016


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Reminds me of an amusement park themed to the Tron Legacy movie.