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NOTE: This download will only work in OpenRCT2. Using the latest release (0.3.3) or develop builds is highly advisable. If this scenario doesn't work for you, just simply update to the latest release or develop builds and it should work just fine.

Introducing scenario #385: Nevermore Park II! The sequel to Nevermore Park from RCT1 Loopy Landscapes, now featuring a monstrous multi-launch hyper-twister coaster doubling as a novel transportation system (named The Goliath) and further supported by a chairlift transport ride! You still have to deal with harder park rating and harder guest generation (+600 m, +6 excitement coasters required) like in the original, but additionally, you are not allowed to edit or remove The Goliath.

Objective: To have 10 different types of roller coasters operating in your park, each with a minimum length of 4,921 ft (1,500 m), and an excitement rating of at least 7.00


Section Scenarios
File Size 469.38 KB
Date Uploaded May 31, 2021