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This is my latest creation; New Adventures. It is a carabian themed resort containing world class attractions & realistic, landscaped, thrilling & themed rides. Visit the theme park for big thrills, roller coasters, water rides, windsurfing & more!
Visit the waterpark, where fun is to be had whatever the weather, as a lot of it is indoors! Take on the Master blaster, or Journey to treasure cave. Or even chill out on the lazy river or go on other slides & rides!
At Hotel Carabia luxury is key. With its beautiful surroundings & well planned interior & breathtaking gardens, its sure the place to be!
The resort also contains various animals! In the ThemePark see the awsome panthers & get up close with sharks and rays in our aquarium! Or watch the komodo dragon whilst riding Rafting Paradise. In Hotel Carabia's gardens, you will find the horse cavelry pondering around on their field.

At New Adventures, fun is to be had by all!


* Please read the read me carefuly when opening the file, it contains vital information.
* The resort is quite large, so if your running a low end computer, I reccomend lowering the graphics in the RCT3 options menu.
* This creation contains no custom content, nor any cheats. So No need to wory about that.
* Have fun! The most important rule. Be sure to explore every nook & cranny in the resort, its jam packed with detail.


Section Parks
File Size 7.42 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 21, 2011




amazing would like to see more


@ RollerCoasterMatt: Thanks, when you say you'd like to see more, do you mean you'd like to see an expansion to the resort? Its very big already but I was thinking of adding a shuttle from the hotel to a private beach on the river. I might even turn the river into the sea!


Man, this spectacular, highly detailed, is the best
wanted to know if you plan to do one with another theme?


awsome can you make a halloween themed water park.


@ DENYSTORRES: Thanks for the feedback. :)
Im not sure what other theme you could do for a resort like this that would actualy work? Wild west might work, although isnt quite as flexible a theme as adventure as it annot be blended with other themes. But if It were a smaller resort but to the same quality or even better, would you settle for that? I`l see what I can do anyway.

@ rct3girl123: As said above, not all themes work for a resort like this. Also, thanks for the feedback. :)


how did that happen up there


Looks great. Nice job


also im trying to put my photos in the game (i have platinum version of rct3) im putting the photos in the right spot put they are not showing up in the game plz help


@rct3firl123: What youv probably done wrong is put the photos INSIDE the new adventures folder into your Documents/Pictures/RCT3 folder. You must put the actual folder into that directory. If its not that then youl just have to re-read the readme & keep trying to get it to work.



InfusionTorn 13

Wow its so cool! you have so many ideas to build a park! :)


Maybe you can do one with cs


@rct3boy: Yeah, I would have done in this one, but then it means people surfing around the internet trying to find the scenery, then if they dont find it, the park would look really bad! So thats why I try not to use CS. It just saves a load of hastle! :)


Infusion13; you have hotel 'buffet bars' and 'plaza cafe's' in the park? can i please have the DIRECT download to the custom content? thanks!


There is no Custom Content used in this park. The stalls are just "Custom Stall" from the shops menu. I just used wall sets to surround them to make them look like cafes. The Logo for the plaza cafe is just a standard RCT3 billboard. All these Items require the soaked & wild expansion packs which you can either buy seperately, or buy RCT3 Platinum/Deluxe Edition which contains both expansion packs. However If you can view them, (which you obviously can judging by the fact you said "Hotel Buffet Bar") Then you already have the expansion packs. :)

Phoenix Coaster.Inc

Man this is spectacular! Very Cool!




Man, this absolutely good, it has a potential to make very big park, but i recommend you to use custom scenery for hotel carabia