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New-ISH SMB.DS DEMO V1.1 + Rat Trap Towers

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 1 screenshot 0 comments

Rat Trap Towers is a wooden wild mouse coaster. Not much to say. New-ISH gets the spotlight on this download!

Changes in this build:

World 2 is 100% finished.

You can take the cannons to world 5 and play the first level.

Grassland Music Track has been edited.

Little small things edited in world 1 and 2.

New Levels:

2-2 Sandshift Desert

2-3 Pipechain Sewers

2-4 Tightrope Heights

2-Tower Tightrope Sewer Tower

2-5 Scuttlebug Ruins

2-6 Graveyard Shift

2-Castle Mummy Pokey Mansion

2-A Hydroplane Rivers

5-1 Lavafrost Highlands

File Size
17.5 MB
Date Uploaded
Mar 6, 2018