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Wow, is it a new decade already? Man, time sure does fly. Hard to believe we're already on the 3rd decade of the 23rd century, but with a new decade comes new advancements in roller coaster technology, of course. And wouldn't you know it, it may have taken more than 300 years to get to this point, but the first ever suspended wooden coaster has been constructed. Something about wanting to make sure riders' feet didn't constantly bang into the support structures, I guess. Plus, this is also the first wooden coaster to feature a proper vertical loop; there hadn't been one since Son of Beast, and that coaster was all the way back in the 2000s.

Feel free to download this RCT2 iteration of a future Wooden coaster so your peeps can experience the future 200 years before it actually happens.

Excitement: 6.84
Intensity: 8.13
Nausea: 6.98

Section Tracks
Type Compact Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 9.43 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 11, 2020
Liked by frozenback, MarleyD