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Welcome to Nintendo Land! Here you can explore the worlds of some of your favorite Nintendo video games. Lands consist of: Nintendo Lane (The Hub), Super Mario Land, Pokemon Land, Kirby Land, and Pikmin Land. This family themed park has something for everybody. Dark rides, coasters, show, 3D films. Its kind of like Disney's Magic Kingdom; however, this park is themed to Nintendo video games. So what are you waiting for? Download and visit Nintendo Land today!

Note: Sorry for lack of screenshots, I don't really know how to post screen shots. But I promise the park is awesome. It took me a while to build.

Note Also: I use wild mouse coaster for my dark rides. I added a list of all the rides below and the land they are located in.

Nintendo Lane
-Nintendo Land Carousel
-Nintendo Land Monorail

Pokemon Land
-Squirtle's Waterfall Adventure
-Bulbasaur's Adventure
-Detective Pikachu's Fascinating Adventure
-Pokemon Quest to Find Mewtwo
-Flight of the Charizards
-Pikachu's Quick Attack

Super Mario Land
-Bowser's Fire Ball
-Super Mario Kart
-Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
-Mario and Luigi Quest to Save Peach
-Captain Toad's Treasure Adventure
-Under the Sea Journey of Blooper
-Mario's Under the Sea Adventure
-Yoshi Valley
-Mario Galaxy: Mission Super Star
-Bowser Junior's Sky Ship
-Meet and Greet Mario and Friends

Pikmin Land
-The Pikmin Adventure
-Pikmin River
-Pikmin Falls
-Pikmin Range
-The World of Pikmin
-The Flying Pikmin
-Pikmin Panic

Kirby's Kingdom
-Kirby's Warp Star
-Kirby's Quest
-Kirby's Mega Twirl
-Kirby's 3D Adventure
-Kirby and the Rainbow Curse L.I.V.E.

To download you must have RCT3 and the RCT3 Soaked, and Wild expansion packs.

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