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The main attraction in this area is Noctua, a mellow kiddie coaster for the young enthusiasts. flat rides include Firefly, an extreme ride that twists and spins guests in every direction, and Swan Lake: one of two water rides in the park, guests can paddle around the lake at their leisure and take in the surroundings.

Extra Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/52GqA
Noctua POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpyR_mkzD10

CS needed:
-belgabor invisible doodads
-cdn's-scattered rocks and pebbles
-dutcher's floors and paths
-dutcher's walls and edges
-l33 alpha paths-woodchip
-lg harbour set
-moby pinewood supports
-n7 astilbe
-n7 big trees
-nyr shingle roofs
-old spice's pine trees
-old-spice's small tree's
-old-spice's trees n' plants
-old-spice's trees
-pbj beach fence
-shy-catfish cove
-shy-planters 2
-station jim jr fence set
-station jim jr gardening 2
-station jim jr gardening
-station jim jr more fencing
-station jim jr random things
-t4l-fences and more
-vodhin light kit 2008
-vodhins vermont theme
-weber foliage set
-weber stairs
-Wodan CT (PEP 2 add-on)
-mrpki-coaster tunnels
-vodhins lighting kit v2
-bigburger's timber 2.0
-matt's lighting set
-coasterjoes queue line fences
-ynor9 control room

Section Parks
File Size 8.37 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 12, 2015


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im not going to even bother downloading all of those custom scenery :/