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Nor'easter is a portable water ride delivered by a fleet of trucks and set up by its crew in less than 24 hours. For use at State Fairs and larger festivals. Its compact design allows for a small footprint where space is an issue. CS by, Ace, Captain, CSF, HL, Imagineer John, JCat, JMAinAZ, K2K26Kirme, Matt, Moby, NYR, Pumper, Ralfvieh, Station Jim jr., Vodhin, WCS, Weber, Yesnt, and Zyned.

pov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GSeHAwMBew

CS set required:

Ace's Construction Yard set
CSF's Neon Lighting set (recolorable lighting emitters)
Gadget Goodies for Coaster set
HL's Generator set
Imagineer John's Animated Dark Ride Tubes & Pieces set
JCat's SpaceWorx set
JMAinAZ's Photo Flash set
K2K26Kirme's Wohn & Transport set
Matt's Lighting set
Moby's Steel Jungle v1 set
NYR's Asphalt Roads set
Pumper's MouseWorx set
Pumper's SteelWorx set
Ralfvieh's Pathcover set
Station Jim jr./Captain's Aviaries set
Station Jim jr.'s Gardening 1 set
Station Jim jr.'s Random Things set
Vodhin's Lighting Kit v2 set
Vodhin's Strip Lights set
WCS's Midway Games set
Weber's Miscellaneous Objects 2 set
Yesnt's Billboard set
Zyned's Stalls Pack set

Best of luck to all the entries in this round of Build It!

Section Tracks
Type portable water ride
File Size 2.75 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 12, 2018