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The third and final North American scenario in the Wacky Worlds Redux series, Wacky Waikiki II makes you build a large North America/Rock 'n' Roll-themed amusement park on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Waikiki. Its scenario name is listed as "N. America - Extreme Hawaiian Island II" in the game.

Goal: To have at least 3,850 guests in your park. You must not let the park rating drop below 700 at any time!

The following are major changes from the original scenario:

1. The initial cash and initial loan have been swapped around, while the maximum loan size has been increased dramatically to 90,000. The interest rate is also higher at 30%.

2. Guests no longer prefer more intense rides, but the scenario still retains the "Extreme" naming in the sense that you'll build a park with a somewhat extreme number of guests. Guests also spawn with 80 on average, a 67% initial happiness, and a 40% initial hunger and thirst.

3. Construction rights can be purchased over the park lot, while there are less land tiles to buy, now reduced to only being near the bridge.

4. The park can now charge for rides instead of just the entrance.

5. Harder park rating and harder guest generation are active.

6. As usual, more ride types are available to use and research.

7. The goal is still a guest count goal, but there is no time limit this time around, as long as you keep your park rating above 700.


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Date Uploaded Nov 15, 2020