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This set consists of 62 particle effects, from water foutains to to lava. All the particles are assigned to a small balck quarter tile cube, which dissapears after the scenery window is closed.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract to somewhere on your desktop and please read the Read Me file, as it explains how to install it correctly so that everything works. Even if you think you know everything, read it anyway, as this is one of the most complicated sets to install.

The set is in the generic scenery in the objects menu. The easiest way to locate it is to filter out the small, medium, large and animatronic scenery so that you're left just with the in-game particles and this set (as well as possibly a few other CS sets).
Make sure the game is in 'play' mode (obviously), or you won't see the particles.
All the particles are generated from the base of the cube, except for the stars (which come from the top) and maybe a few others.
The cubes can be hard to find if used in a space/pitch black themed area. Otherwise they are easy to see and delete.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 517.45 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 10, 2012




One word: spectacular!


I did everything right, but when i moved the curser to it; the game froze.


maybe the camera was freezed??? XD


game freezes when trying to use this set i have platinum version is that why?


Guys here's what you need to do to any CS you wanna download in this website:
First download
Then move it to your desktop (means the home screen)
Then from there right click the file
Then a few options will pop up
Click on extract
Then once extracted the folder will pop up
Then click on start and leave the folder open
Then go to program files,Atari,Roller Coaster Tycoon 3,style,themed
Move that folder to themed


i love i love *-


why do i see a black box??!??!?!?!?