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Nuts & Bolts is a coaster I made randomly when I was bored. It had no scenery or anything, so I thought I would add some and make it look better.

-Excitement- 7.31 (High)
-Intensity- 6.67 (High)
-Nausea- 4.16 (Medium)

-Maximum Speed- 56.09 MPH
-Average Speed- 18.88 MPH
-Ride Time- 2:25
-Ride Length- 4036.42 FT

-Total 'Air' Time- 0:29
-Drops- 13
-Highest Drop Height- 110.55 FT
-Number Of Inversions- 4

-Pack Contains 2 Tracks (One With Scenery, One Without)-
-The Support Killer May Not Always Work, If They Don't Just Place The Ride Again Or Go Into The CS Included-

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 1.68 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 15, 2011