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My first ever completed park and my first upload to the site so please let me know if there are any issues with the upload. No downloaded custom scenery was used, all buildings are self-built. Feel free to take what you like and any constructive criticism is welcome.

Welcome to Oak Valley Amusement Park! A beautiful mountain valley, developed into a world of fun and joy!

Set in a quiet village, this park offers 2 thrilling roller coasters and many other thrilling attractions.

Take flight with The Flying Dutchman and get a great view of the valley's scenic center square.

Bring a loved one to the Eye of the Valley and see the full splendor of Oak Valley from a private and romantic aerial view.

Indulge in one of our many restaurants, offering all types of delicious treats. From Pizza to Turkish Delights, we have something for everyone.

So come to Oak Valley and give us your money!

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Date Uploaded Apr 10, 2016
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Well done! Looks like you took some time on it and everything seems to fit together nicely.


Thanks! It took about a week with around 6 hours a day. I'm going to be getting into the custom scenery. Watching these Planet Coaster alpha videos got me in a building mood.


I love the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, been there a lot! I used custom scenery to recreate the park. It looked great, but the game would crash unexpectedly. I fooled around with various custom scenery for quite a long time but finally gave up.
p.s. some custom scenery needs to have shadows turned off!