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Welcome to a very old map i had built up. It does not have very realistic stuff but i thought you players would enjoy playing on it anyway - you cannot build anything unless you delete other rides because i hit the ride limit (255 including shops and stalls) which stinks because i wanted to add more to it. It's a very big map and does NOT require openrct2 because i made this before i even found out about it. I know this map isnt much, but im proud of it anyway. I hope you enjoy it!

Section Parks
File Size 2.42 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 17, 2016




Nice job on this. I really like screenshot #2.

Skylander Katfish

thanks! im better at the game now so.... we'll just see what else i can make in the future! :D

The Roller Coaster Man

did u make all of the coasters your self

Skylander Katfish

yes sir i did!