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It was a long time ago I didn't enter a track in the Build It! competition. Let's have a good round! :D

Those times, I played online OpenRCT2 a lot and I managed to find a server where I built one of my best roller coaster so far. Credit goes to Whiskey Station for the map.
Link: http://whiskeystation.com/

This time, I built a floorless roller coaster on the biggest sand dune of the park, near the main lake. Again, the main theme is desert. (yes, I love this theme :P) For this track, I used scenery from Egypt, Mine and Medieval themeings to build impressive and detailed sand structures around the track. I also used the Mechanical themeing to make custom supports under most of the track.

In addition to the track, I built a splash boat with an impressive drop of 25 meters. I thought it would be a good idea to place both rides in the same zone, both connect very well together.

Also, I used every tools and cheats I could get with OpenRCT2 to build this roller coaster, such as disabling clearance checks (for placing objects throught other objects) and disabling support limits (for building as high as we want whatever the track is).

For this reason, the map could be a bit unstable, since other players used a buch of cheats too, and I tried as much as possible to make it openable in the original RCT2 for everyone.

Watch the POV of the track here: https://youtu.be/J0DFeEJbDmE

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Roller Coaster
File Size 954.91 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 9, 2016




This Park is Amazing!! Great Job on it!! And Congrats on winning the Build It Competition!

Skylander Katfish

I can tell you really poured your skill on this and a fantastic turnout! I can build good but not as good as this. Nice work!