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Oasis Tropical Resort is a fully filled island-themed sandbox. With jungle, Atlantis, and Mediterranean themed areas, a water park, and ten unique coasters, this thrilling paradise has been in the works for a long time and is finally complete. Thanks for taking a look!

Loud speakers played music by Summer Salt around the park and Ocean Man near the water park. Just some fun little touches I did on my save :)

Section Parks
File Size 17.02 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 9, 2020




It is a very nice park. I like the way you made the park and the buildings look amazing.
good work on the park.


One of the BEST creations I've seen on RCTGo! I love it, man. You put so much work into it!


@Rct3user20 @Xx_CoasterBoy_xX Thank you both!