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This is an update on my park, Odeon Park. you may notice a few changes here. Fencing has been added to the park so that nobody escapes the paths, and I've tweaked the roller coasters a little bit. Here are the areas of the park:
-Main Base
--Smoke Flyer
--Oblivion Floorless (changed barrel roll to splashdown track)
--The Whizzer
--The Odeon Canyon Adventure
-Food Court
--Food Train
--Drink River
--Coca Cola Slide
--Onion Rings Ride
-iSense Island
--iSense Junior
--iSLC (added more cars to the train)
-Bubble Area
--Bubble Loop
--Bubble Blaster
--The Mysterious Cupboard (removed smoke for photo)
-Action Land
--SOLO: The Ride
--The Greatest Showman
--Jurassic Park-Go-Round
--Infinity War
--Ant-Man & The Wasp
-Lake Land
--Water Bikes!
--Lake Land
-Limitless Beach (could change to pyramid)
--Paradise Tower
--Tidal Wave
--Wild Boat
--Odeon Pool
--Desert Storm
-Space Zone
--Zero G
--Comet (improved track due to being rough, and replaced barrel roll with zero g roll)
--Mission To Mars
--The Moon Play
-Birthday World
--Balloon Popper
--Sky Swinger
--Helter Skelter
--Merry-Go Round

The park is located in Bristol, UK, and is voted one of the most thrilling theme parks in the world. It also has the BIG EIGHT. Choose your big eight in the comments!

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