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You've got a life-changing map in your wild and tough pirate life!

But the X marks indicating the location of the treasure have been erased in years, and now you only know the location of the island.

You decided to buy and develop the whole island for a while, hiding the fact that you had gotten the map.

You are a poor sailor, but you have some money borrowed from the captain, and some expensive gold coins that you have collected.

If necessary, raise funds by selling gold coins. If we continue to develop the island, we may be able to find treasures!

But keep in mind that running the park as a pirate is followed by many disadvantages!

Achieve monthly ride attractions revenue over 12,000$.

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.58 MB
Date Uploaded May 31, 2019




Works in classic! I love the money you left laying around. Thanks for another great scenario!


NancyM // Always thank for your respect :) Enjoy playing it!