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Do you know worldwide animation 'One Piece'??
Its Japanese Pirate ani, and 'Enies Lobby' is a marine base which takes charge of jurisdiction of criminals.
Now you are one of straw-hat pirates members, and are planning to screw here up by gathering other pirates!!
Get 2,000 crews within 3 years. Keep it mind that there's no loan at all for you bad guys.

Section Scenarios
File Size 4.43 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 16, 2019
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Incredible looking theme, but somethings wrong with the entrance. I tried changing out the path, the peeps can get in but they can't get out. They are wandering around slowly complaining that they want to go home, resulting in a zero park rating. It's like an invisible no-entry sign trapping them in. That steamship thing at the entrance is so cool, but I don't see how I can get 2000 peeps. 😐


Thanks so much for advising! I've been missing that serious problem so far. The link below is a revised version download link, and I'm gonna delete this post and upload with latter version within a few days!



The fixed park worked fine, and a good challenge too. Thanks so much for your scenarios.